So, here are some examples of my work in chronological order.
For The listening pleasure I strongly recommend the use of decent headphones.

Live-Recording of Bridging Cultures-Concert with ethiopian pianist
and composer Girma Yifrashewa in Addis Abeba, June 2017:

Music for „Trinakria“-Movie by Christofer Schwarz, also 2017
The challenge here, was to create some sound-alikes, inspired by a famous italian composer

This one´s a kind of home-listening-dance-track from this year, I´ve made just for my pleasure, and now maybe also yours…

And here you can watch my band „Die Liebe“, filmed on one of our rare live-gigs in 2015:

This is a Demo-production I´ve made around 2003 or so. I´ve just rediscovered this from my archive and I must admit, I like it. The band called „Luxusreisen“.

The next one is another production from that period. It´s a song from german electronic singer/songwriter Peter Heidenwag calling his project „Poster“. Besides mixing this together with him, I´ve also did a lot of synthesizer and drum programming for his songs.

The following is a one of the tracks I´ve written and produced
for a release on the Firehorse-Label back in the late 90s. Unfortunately the label lost its distribution deal
so only this 12″-Vinyl was released. The finished album is still lying around in my drawer.

Here´s an acoustic version of the song „Ich war ein Hund“ of my band ERNST.
The „full“ version was released on the „Breitseite-Sampler“ in 1996:

And last but not least something quite old (from around 1992). My band at that time:
The Cellophanes, here with the song „Black hole“…: