Once again ByteFM, Superbooth and Wahnsinn aus Heimweh (see 2018).
New: regular mixing jobs for Ensemble Resonanz and Resonanzraum and Café Nova / NewHamburg



Composition and soundengineering for the theatreproject „Wahnsinn aus Heimweh“

Final soundmixing for the movie „Am Ende ist man tot“.
(Premiere in the Abaton-Cinema Hamburg and nationwide cinema launch)

Regular freelance work for ByteFM – Online-Radio

Production management for Superbooth18 trade fair and festival for electronic instruments in Berlin


Live-Mixing and Recording of the concert Bridging Cultures“
of ethiopian pianist Girma Yifrashewa – National Theatre of Addis Abeba / Ethiopia

Production management for Superbooth, trade fair and festival for synthesizers – Berlin

Production management for Poetry Slam-Events,
Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Ernst-Deutsch-Theater, Friedrich-Ebert-Halle and more


Albumrelease of my band Die Liebe

Audio-Post-Production for the movie „Am Ende ist man tot“ / Regie: Daniel Lommatzsch

Music and Post-Production for the Shortfilm Trinakria / Regie: Christofer Schwarz

2009 – 2016

Soundengineer/Tonmeister at Thalia Theater Hamburg;
Sounddesign and Live-Mix for the following directors and Musicians:

Stefan Pucher:
Andersen – Trip zwischen Welten (Music: Carsten (Erobique) Meier, Matthias „Tex“ Strzoda)
Quijote – Trip zwischen Welten (Music: Carsten (Erobique) Meier, Ben Schadow)
Ein Sommernachtstraum – (Music: Christopher Uhe)
Charles Manson: Summer of Hate – (Music: Christopher Uhe / Trümmer)
Warten auf Godot – (Music: Christopher Uhe)

Nicolas Stemann:
Nathan der Weise – (Music: Vogel/Kürstner)
Die Kontrakte des Kaufmanns – (Music: Vogel/Kürstner)
Faust I+II -(Music: Vogel/Kürstner)
Kommune der Wahrheit.Wirklichkeitsmaschine -(Music: Vogel/Kürstner)

Jan Bosse:
Was ihr wollt – (Music: Schamoni/Landerschier)
Platonow – (Music: Landerschier)
Hedda Gabler – (Music: Landerschier)

David Marton:
Die Krönung der Poppea – (Music: Marton, Dorsch, Wilhelmi)

Sound supervisor for Matthew Herbert´s „One Day
Matthew Herbert & Band + Ensemble Resonanz (One Day)

Live-Mix in the Nachtasyl for Douglas Dare, Spain, Laetitia Sadier,
Lisa Germano, Die Zimmermänner, Rebeca Lane, Digger Barnes etc. etc.

Recording-Engineer / String-Recordings: Berlin Voices „States of Mind“
and Roger Ciceros „Männersachen“


Tonmeister/Recording- and Mixing-Engineer (Orchestral Recordings und Musicmixes)
in collaboration with a arranger Wolf Kerschek for the animation series
„Little Amadeus“ for german children television KIKA.


Workshops on the subject of Music and Computer
Hands-On-Workshops for Roland-Musical Instruments (Sonar-Software)


Production Management for the so called German Dance Awards in Hamburg
with Herbert & Dani Siciliano, Artful Dodger, Egoexpress…amongst others

1995 – 1999

Producer of the 2 longplay-albums of the Rap-Poetry-Duo Zentrifugal,
plus the early productions of Flo at that time without mega.
Artist- and Labelmanagement (Operation23).

DJ in the „Tower“-Club in Bremen

1994 – 98

Various releases under the name of ERNST, N.I.N.A., nourdin, look at: discography on discogs
plus compositions for theatre plays „Nachtvögel“ at Oldenburger Staatsschauspiel,
„Clockwork Orange“ at Staatsschauspiel Dresden and Multimediapresentations
(Mercedes-Benz Bremen,, Diesel Technic AG ).

until 1994

various Bandprojects with Club-gigs like this one with the „Cellophanes“
…yes, I am the long-haired guy on the left side


Studies of Music and history at University of Bremen